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We as Innophore are proud to have just teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The global DDI (Diagnostic Development Initiative) program, which supports SARS-CoV-2 projects worldwide, will provide us with computing power through AWS sevices to develop and handle predictions of upcoming Sars-CoV-2 variants based on structure and model information with our CatalophoreTM point-cloud technology. This is intended to support diagnostics and drug development by predicting potentially dangerous or possible new infectious variants, thereby providing some confidence in dealing with new variants of the pathogen.

We are in the early development stage. We are using information stored in publicly available databases as well like GISAID or NCBI and many others.

If you want to support us in the early stages of development, you can submit your gene data (also anonymously) on our site. This data will be integrated in the predicion if it is not already available in other public databases.